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Church & Community Relations

Partnerships that foster learning and support of ministries throughout North America.

We deeply value the relationships we have with churches and non-profit organizations across North America.

Trinity Western University was formed from a vision of the Evangelical Free Churches of America. Throughout our history we have walked alongside Christian churches and communities. We’ve consistently depended on each other for support, prayer and fulfilling the mission of developing godly Christian leaders. As fellow members of the body of Christ we hope to continue building relationships with churches in our area and around the world.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop around the world, churches and para-church organizations are finding ways to adapt and continue fulfilling the Great Commission during this time. As an arm of the Church, our desire is to support our broader communities with necessary resources and training to empower them to lead well during this time of crisis. To that end, we have collected a series of links to resources and articles that we have found helpful and trust you will as well. In addition, we have highlighted our academic programs and training that we believe will best serve you and your organization during this season.

Programs & Courses

Online Learning & Facilitation Certification

In an effort to serve and equip organizational leaders during this unprecedented season of virtual communication amidst a global crisis, we are offering our Online Learning & Facilitation Certification to attendees of N.T. Wright’s "Gospel Gathering" at a significant discount.

This 3-course program teaches professionals across disciplines the methods and techniques of online or hybrid learning professionals that enable them to create transformative learning experiences by applying the use of technology, time and physical space to support practical learning outcomes. This certification teaches participants to identify and incorporate appropriate digital platforms and resources (i.e. Zoom) to create and sustain a participatory learning environment that supports critical and creative thinking in a variety of disciplines.

Specific learning outcomes from this certification include:

  • Planning appropriate group processes to support transformative learning

  • Identifying a variety of facilitation and coaching methods and techniques 

  • Demonstrate effective facilitation and coaching communication skills

  • Developing competency in creating inclusive learning environments of safety and trust

This stand-alone certification serves as the foundation for the Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning: Coaching and Facilitation, which can be achieved with only 2 additional courses. These courses can also be applied towards achieving a Masters of Arts in Leadership (MA Leadership) designation. 

If you are interested in this opportunity please provide your information below and we’ll follow up with you accordingly. 

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Additional Program Opportunities

We offer a variety of other graduate programs and certificates that can be found on our graduate studies page


Leadership Resources

For Christian Leaders seeking to navigate COVID-19 with faith, hope, and grace:

No Man is an Island

by John Donne

Lord’s Day 10

from the Heidelberg Catechism

Learning in War-Time

a sermon preached by C.S. Lewis

The Two Most Important Days of Your Life

attributed to Mark Twain, but most likely a passage from a sermon preached by Rev. Ernest T. Campbell, January 25, 1970

Living out our Public Justice Responsibilities During COVID-19

by Chelsea Langston Bombino & Katie Thompson

Prayer for the Sick

from the Book of Common Prayer

Prayer for Those We Love

from the Book of Common Prayer

COVID-19 Resources

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